Random Jazz 1/20/2016

Below is another assortment of photos, including some pretty girls and some strange sights. Hope you enjoy. Very soon I’ll have some more structured posts to share with you, including from my trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Ocean zipper

Which way to nature?

Cheyenne Conner

Naina Michaud

Cheyenne Conner in Monterey

Dragon fly


Naina Michaud

Flowers of some sort

Nature, sanitized

Cheyenne Conner

Gone, but not forgotten

Naina Michaud


I caught a kite

For the last photo, here are some dinosaurs in a barn of sorts. Check back soon for an explanation and the rest of this set, and don’t forget: if you’re viewing this as a single post, feel free to take a look at the rest of my posts. Thanks!

Dinosaurs in the ark?


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