Random Jazz: Oceans and Mountains and Moons (Oh Wine!) Edition

First off, I’m clever, right? Someone pleeeeeease tell me I’m clever. Wait, I realize that you haven’t seen my pictures yet, so you’re not entirely aware of my cleverness. Well, let me tell you, my friend: read on and prepare to be amazed at how clever my title is.

(Postscriptum: I’m also humble.)

Anyways, let’s stop with the jibber-jabber and look at my mildly interesting photographs.

First up, here’s a few photos from my wonderful friend Brittany’s wine and cheese party. It was fun. I fell down at one point.

Wine and cheese party

Wine and cheese party

Wine party

Next up: I dig the moon. Sometimes I stand still and look at it and am amazed that there’s a gigantic ball of rock circling us (like during the blood moon eclipse). Then I go inside and play on my iPad and waste the precious time I have left on earth.

Blood moon 2014

Blood moon 2014

I have the accidental habit of going down to “the cemetery” at Corona Del Mar anytime someone I know passes away. The accidental part of it is that I usually don’t realize I’m doing it until I’ve arrived. My friend Christina was having a rough day and came with me. Apparently, the rocks wanted two visitors.

Here she is smiling.
Christina at CDM

Christina at Corona Del Mar

Tombstone rock at Corona Del Mar

Possibly the best photo I’ve ever taken of myself:
Framed self-portrait at Corona Del Mar

Finally, here’s four pictures I took near sunset at Mt. Baldy. I missed the actual sunset because I was trying to talk to some German girls inside. (Spoiler alert: I did talk to them. They were nice.)

Mt. Baldy Cloud Sunset

Mt. Baldy Cloud Sunset

Mt. Baldy Cloud Sunset

Mt. Baldy Mountain Sunset

That’s it for this one. Want more Jake Reinig? Check out the rest of my website, or see some of my favorite stuff in the prints gallery.

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  1. X-ray May 13, 2014 at 9:49 am #

    I’m so honored to be part of this album and more honored to call you my friend. Your good natured presence can eradicate pain and sorrow and bring joy to those who are fortunate enough to experience it. Don’t let ever let that light die. You are amazing photographer and don’t let yourself tell you otherwise.

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