Medical (Un)Professionals

Location: my studio. Subject: female portraits

As part of my ongoing 100 portraits project, my friends Laurie and Robin stopped by Friday night to pose. My regular 9-5 has been crazy stressful over the last week, so spending an evening with this delightful duo was a welcome respite.

Robin is an all-star RN, and Laurie is a physical therapist working on her doctorate. Both are intelligent, consummate professionals. As a best friend team, they’re animated and funny and have the best stories. Our session started with the wounded Robin nursing a busted knee cap, and ended up with me in a motorcycle helmet having a PVC pipe swung at my head while Laurie photographed. Yes, we had fun. :)

I got two of the best portraits so far in my project, which I’ll have to share with you later. In the meantime, enjoy these other ones from the session.

Thanks ladies!

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