50mm Farewell

This is my friend Cheyenne, aka “Indiana.”

Cheyenne portrait

I recently took a few photos of her that I figured I’d share, since she’s a charming young lady and I think the photos turned out nice. Here are two more:

Teenager portrait

Cheyenne Conner portrait

A great loss for California, Cheyenne headed back home for a while to school. We had a going away party, after which I had a chance to snap a few candid shots using my favorite 50mm lens. 

Portrait of a smiling young lady



Our friend Jenelle (who’s also a lovely young lady) wasn’t very happy that Cheyenne was leaving:

Jenelle Ayres

Warrior wrist tattoo

I’ll close with my favorite of the bunch. The missing nail seals it for me.  :)

Cheyenne Conner portrait

Come back soon Indiana. You’ll be missed until you do!

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  1. jenelle August 12, 2014 at 4:31 pm #

    Thank you for your beautiful photos and sweet words, they brought tears to my eyes.

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