Seasets III

Location: Corona Del Mar. Subject: Ocean sunsets, long exposure.

Just another series of sunset on the Pacific. These were shot at Corona Del Mar, in a location I photographed a few months ago. I like the location, although in general SoCal sunsets bug me: we don’t seem to have the humidity necessary to get good cloud cover very often once winter has passed. *sigh*

I like this next photo a lot, but it suffers from a few problems. It was shot with a 0.6 neutral density filter (to get a long exposure), and a 0.6 graduated neutral density filter. The circle at the bottom is a heavy vignette from shooting a really wide angle with the filters on. ¬†Additionally, the sky had a lot of dust spotting, although interestingly enough, the dust didn’t appear on later photos. I need to test my filters and see what’s up.

My cousin Juan, waiting for his sailor(ette) to come home.

If do right, no can defense… ;)

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  1. Suzan Eschborn May 31, 2010 at 9:42 pm #

    Wow, very nice photos. Keep up the good work

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