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Carbon Canyon

I got a new Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 macro yesterday, so when my brother asked if I wanted to take it out for a spin I jumped at the chance.

Since my left arm is pretty much useless, I took my monopod to help hold up this lens, which easily weighs 784 pounds. Combine that with my camera, and my kit weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,026 pounds.

It was a fairly windy day, so shooting macro was a nightmare given that everything was flapping about. Nevertheless, it was a fun day and I did get some good shots.

Clickety-pop to make larger.

_mg_6810-14 _mg_6768-013

_mg_6780_c-12 _mg_6891-13

_mg_67542 _mg_6812-15

_mg_6834-14 _mg_6720-14


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Getting There…Slowly

I’ve been experimenting lately with glow chemicals. And by experimenting, I mean acting like a little boy and cutting the tops off of glow sticks and pouring the jazz all over every thing to see what it does.

Still unable to get out and wrestle bears because of my shoulder, I opted for the next best thing: try and position some flowers in water and suspend droplets of glow stick juice inside. So, with emergency syringe in hand, I slowly…and carefully…moved…the syringe…into position…and then proceeded to squirt glow juice everywhere. Which is why my flowers are a mess. The stuff is pretty sticky, which means I should be able to refine my process to get this right eventually. My aim isn’t very good yet, but it’ll come.

Here are some samples from my mess “shoot.” Click to biggefy.

_mg_6632 _mg_66451

_mg_66661 _mg_66551

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Her name was Lola…

In addition to meeting my friend Nita’s cool husband Chris today, I had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing Miss Lola. Although she didn’t smile much for me (I think she was solving math problems in her head), she still took some adorable photos. Thanks go to Nita and Chris for letting me into their family for the day. Enjoy these samples!

Click previews for larger versions.

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Day at the Getty

Some friends and I went to the Getty museum yesterday as part of an assignment. Unfortunately, the gallery we were supposed to look at was closed, so that was a bust. But the Getty is beautiful, and it was fun to walk around and shoot. Of the samples below, the second to last picture was taken by my friend Sonja, with retouching by me afterwards. Click all to make bigger.

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Lost and Found

Not much to say about these; just some random photos from my trip to the beach with Heidi and Arce today. Click for embiggening.

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Will Mismanage for Food

In my third shoot of the weekend I convinced my cousin Juan to help me out with a school project. My team’s goal is to shoot a magazine spread documenting the financial confidence crisis, whatever form that might take. So, I dressed JB up and had him stand out on street corners holding a sign reading:

Investment Banker

Will mismanage funds for food

Below are a few of my favorites. Click for larger versions.

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Project Mayhem

Saturday found me in Ontario for a grappling/submission tournament that my friend Ben was competing in. I haven’t had a chance to process a whole lot of the photos yet (I had two other shoots as well!), but below are 4 that I think really capture the energy of the tournament. Two of the shots are of Ben, and the other two are other guys from his gym, the Body Shop in Lakewood.

Click the samples below for larger versions from the gallery. Over the next few days I’ll add more to said gallery, so check back.

Edit: not that this is a very good photo, but I thought I’d get this one up also. There was a huge kids’ tournament going on as well, which was super rad. Here, two li’l subfighters mix it up.

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Two Teachers Fair

I met with Tracy and Natasha today to do some beach photography. Of course, the clouds rolled in just as we got there, so we couldn’t take advantage of the light we wanted. Nevertheless, these two lovely ladies still managed to take some great photos.

I’ll add more pictures later, but what I have up in the gallery so far is available here.

Samples are below; as always, click for larger versions.

Tracy, in what is probably my favorite shot of the day:

And of course, what shoot wouldn’t be complete without Tash clowning around?

P.S. Tracy: it was nice to meet you again for the first third time. ;)

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Surgery, She Wrote

I met with my soon-to-be surgeon today to talk about the shoulder I injured almost a year ago in a high speed mountain bike fall. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s in worse shape than we thought previously, with 2 tears in the shoulder and possibly 1 in the rotator cuff, plus a large pool of fluid.

What does this mean? 4-plus weeks in a shoulder immobilizer, and 4 months total of recovery. No diving, teaching, or sports for me. :(

It also probably means that I’m going to be a one-handed photographer for a short while. That should be interesting. So: if you want to get in front of my lens, now’s the time to do it!

Having been through some complicated and messy surgeries before, the actual surgery doesn’t worry me. I’m pretty bummed about missing out on life for a few months though.

I’ll drop more info as the date gets closer.

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Danger Rides Again

I worked on a few more shots of Declan tonight and wanted to share them. I’ll try and add some more later if I get time.

From a technical standpoint, the first shot is terrible. It’s out of focus, framed poorly, and just feels kind of awkward. But then you look at Danger’s expression (“what the HECK are my parents doing to me?”), and it makes it a total winner.

There are a lot of great photos in this set, but I think this one is my favorite. Seriously, how cute is this kid?

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