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Red Rockin’ Vegas

My brother and I decided to take my 8 Irish neighbor girls to Las Vegas for a 4-day weekend. It’s so unlike any other city that we pretty much had to take them lest their American holiday come up short. I didn’t end up taking all that many photos, so I’ve only got two sets to share. The first is from atop the Stratosphere hotel where we went to watch the sunset, take in the strip at night, and to nearly die on the crazy rides they have up there.

Picture 1: sunset. Picture 2: the roller coaster thingy, seconds before it drops and scares everyone to death. Picture 3: my brother and one of the Irish lasses during said drop. Picture 4: the strip at night. Picture 5: more of the lasses on the other scary ride, just before it starts up and twirls them around 1,000 feet above the strip.

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Friday evening we decided to drive out to Red Rock Canyon, which only takes about 30-45 minutes to get to. The place is absolutely stunning: huge skies, awesome canyons, and if you’re lucky, wild donkeys!  I spent most of the afternoon snapping pics of the sky, so I’m only going to put up a few.

There is a 13-mile driving loop that takes you around the park which is great by itself, but we decided to hop out and do some hiking as well.

The girls had never been in temperatures above about 28 degrees Celsius, so the temps that pushed 40+ Celsius (105 F) and up wreaked havoc on a few of them. As a result, only 3 of them made it out to enjoy the scenery.

Picture 1: sky. Picture 2: Elaine hams it up. Picture 3: sky. Picture 4: Ann-Marie also hams it up. Picture 5: Sky. Picture 6: sky and us.

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Casino Point, Catalina Island

Note: if you hear sound, scroll down to the bottom of this post and press pause. Chances are the video is autoplaying when it shouldn’t be. That said….

I, and my friends Ben and Sonja took the Catalina Express over to Avalon Saturday to do some diving at the Casino Point dive park. The morning started out a little cold and overcast, but within a few hours the day turned beautiful. The diving was just as good, with excellent visibility, no current, and decently warm water. Alas, I don’t have many photos to share, but here’s a sample.

Here’s me with the Jacques Cousteau honorary plaque:

Sonja, apparently napping on the bottom:

I found this nudibranch on one of the wrecks. He was around 1 inch long. Not sure what species it was, but it was beautiful in person.

Ben and Sonja work their way through the kelp:

A juvenile garibaldi, with its opalescent spots:

Ben and I after a veeeeeery long day in Catalina:

This video isn’t particulary interesting, but I put it up so that you can see a sample of what diving in the park is like. Lots of kelp and sunshine. I’m holding the camera, and that’s Ben’s rear in the lead. If you want to download the whole video, or just want to open it in its own window, click here.

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