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Carbon Canyon

I got a new Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 macro yesterday, so when my brother asked if I wanted to take it out for a spin I jumped at the chance.

Since my left arm is pretty much useless, I took my monopod to help hold up this lens, which easily weighs 784 pounds. Combine that with my camera, and my kit weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,026 pounds.

It was a fairly windy day, so shooting macro was a nightmare given that everything was flapping about. Nevertheless, it was a fun day and I did get some good shots.

Clickety-pop to make larger.

_mg_6810-14 _mg_6768-013

_mg_6780_c-12 _mg_6891-13

_mg_67542 _mg_6812-15

_mg_6834-14 _mg_6720-14


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Day at the Getty

Some friends and I went to the Getty museum yesterday as part of an assignment. Unfortunately, the gallery we were supposed to look at was closed, so that was a bust. But the Getty is beautiful, and it was fun to walk around and shoot. Of the samples below, the second to last picture was taken by my friend Sonja, with retouching by me afterwards. Click all to make bigger.

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Of Flowers and Flames

So I’m about two weeks into my daily photo project. Because of my hours at work, I’m only really able to shoot at night during the week. One of my frequent subjects has been a poor daffodil (?) that I’ve abused a number of times. I’m not super crazy about these shots, but since I don’t photograph flowers often, I guess I kind of like them. And since I’ve got a theme running, I might as well share the collection.

If you’re interested in reading a little more about each shot, click the photos for the full-size in the gallery. You can also find the latest dailies near the top of the page.

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