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Back in Time

Location: Katie Wheeler Library. Subject: Engagement photos.

Saturday gave me the opportunity to shoot Diane and JP at the Katie Wheeler Library in Irvine. Formerly part of the huge Irvine family ranch, the grounds contain historic buildings from the Orange County of yesteryear. The library itself is a modern copy of the old Irvine family house, but has been so faithfully recreated that it fits right in with its authentically vintage neighbors.

Which brings me back to my subjects. Diane and JP wanted their engagement photos to have a vintage feel to them, and this site ended up being perfect for that (thanks Becky and Melissa for the suggestion). After running around the property (we were a little short on time before closing), we drove to another site and did some family pictures with their adorable daughter Evie.

To help with the vintage feel, most of the photos have been desaturated a bit. Saturated or desaturated, I hope you’ll agree that this is a great looking family.

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Young Love

I had the great pleasure to meet Natalie and Casey today to do engagement photos for them. Natalie mentioned that they were really drawn to a vintage look, so we met before sunset at an abandoned train in Orange to give it a go. It’s a style that I’m also really drawn to, so it was exciting to try it out on a full shoot.

Before I continue, let me just mention that Casey filmed his proposal on an old 8mm camera. How rad is that?

In any event, below are some samples from my attempt to capture this wonderful couple with an eye to cross processing and desaturation like one might see in older photos. I’m crossing my fingers that they like them!

Edit, 2009-07-07: more photos added.

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