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Seasets II

Location: Corona Del Mar. Subject: Ocean sunsets, long exposures.

I’ve come to really enjoy the drama of long-exposure water photography, but it’s probably one of my least practiced subjects. Fortunately, my talented photographer brother is always down for a road trip, so we headed to Corona Del Mar to catch the sunset. We labored through the tide pools, heading south of arch rock but staying north of the jumping twins. We got all setup, and then…the most boring sunset I’d seen in weeks. *sigh*

Oh well.

If you’re interested in technical notes on each picture, enlarge the photo and look at the bottom in the white border.

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Location: Huntington Beach pier, Dana Point whale watching cruise. Subject: Ocean sunsets, seascapes, long exposure.

Below are some random sunset photos from two recent excursions. The first three photos are from a New Years Day boat ride off Dana Point. It was supposed to be a whale watching trip, but ended up being just a water watching trip.

The second set of photos were taken at the Huntington Beach pier. The two long shots of the pier are mine, while the tighter shot is one my cousin–Jonathan Moore–took with my spare camera.

Click the thumbnails to enlargify.

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Another Summer Sets

Location: Huntington Beach. Subject: ocean sunsets.

With one exception, I hate the end of summer (particularly this one, one of the best ever). In the summer we’re often too distracted by running around doing fun summer stuff that sunsets get neglected. When the days get shorter and the nights colder, I seem to have more time to spend with them.

Like the smiles of loved ones, sunsets are always magic. Every now and then we need to stop, take them in, and remind ourselves of their importance. Below are 5 poor attempts to capture the amazing view I had today. Click to pop.

_MG_1631 _MG_1728 _MG_1688 _MG_1896 Can you imagine the view these paragliders had?

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Back from the Dead Part Two

After borrowing my camera back from my friend Becky, I decided I wanted to shoot some photos at the beach. It’s funny: I live very close to the beach and yet I almost never take pictures there. I think it’s because I see beach photography as somewhat cliche, and that’s a shame. When we stop looking for new ways to shoot something just because others have done it, we fail as photographers.

I’ve been very intrigued lately by long exposure shots of water and in particular waves. I’m still not able to lift my camera properly even though it’s been 7 weeks since my surgery, so better attempts will have to wait. Also, I need a ND filter!

Sometimes ghosts get in the way of long exposures (click to see larger).


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Lost and Found

Not much to say about these; just some random photos from my trip to the beach with Heidi and Arce today. Click for embiggening.

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Two Teachers Fair

I met with Tracy and Natasha today to do some beach photography. Of course, the clouds rolled in just as we got there, so we couldn’t take advantage of the light we wanted. Nevertheless, these two lovely ladies still managed to take some great photos.

I’ll add more pictures later, but what I have up in the gallery so far is available here.

Samples are below; as always, click for larger versions.

Tracy, in what is probably my favorite shot of the day:

And of course, what shoot wouldn’t be complete without Tash clowning around?

P.S. Tracy: it was nice to meet you again for the first third time. ;)

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Danger Rides Again

I worked on a few more shots of Declan tonight and wanted to share them. I’ll try and add some more later if I get time.

From a technical standpoint, the first shot is terrible. It’s out of focus, framed poorly, and just feels kind of awkward. But then you look at Danger’s expression (“what the HECK are my parents doing to me?”), and it makes it a total winner.

There are a lot of great photos in this set, but I think this one is my favorite. Seriously, how cute is this kid?

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Los Branquias a la Playa

(The Gills at the Beach :) )

Edit: More shots are available here.

I met the Gills at Corona Del Mar for some shots in celebration of Danger’s 9th month. We lucked out and had pretty good light, although it would have been much better without the incoming storm blocking the sun.

Here are all the shots I have in the gallery for now. Click away to see larger versions.

So, the idea for the shot on the left was that dad (blue) + mom (yellow) = Danger (green). As soon as blue and yellow walked away into the background, green went straight for the sand. He looked thoroughly annoyed that he had this sticky stuff all over his hands, but he went for it time and time again. Too funny.

Edit: I’m pretty sure the photo on the right was shot by Becky, so kudos to her!

A parting, contemplative shot for you.

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